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Winston will help you find most appropriate keywords!

Spend less & get more customers with unique product ads *

Product campaign

In order to create ads for specific product, you can use one of our features as tag combination or truncating. Using them, you can avoid “low search volume” keywords status. In result you will be able to advertise on more products than with any other competitive application.

User looking for specific product with exact type

Product - Group campaign

Winston creates unique keywords by truncating your product names. In case you have more than one product which have the same string in product name, Winston can automatically create Group campaign targeted on Group of products. Clicking on product group ad (see below), your customer will be redirected to fulltext search results right on your e-shop.

User looking for specific product not knowing exact type

* The advantage of working with long-tail key words (for example, CTM Axon 2016 yellow) lies in the fact, that a customer enters such expression to Google Search only after he/she has decided to buy a particular product, type, colour or even size. In average, product-oriented campaigns have 3-9% conversion rate. In some cases, we have registered 17% conversion rate! In terms of long-tail key words, competition is much more lower, because the expression is often very specific and that's why the costs for advertising are lower.

How does Winston work?

Importing data
from your eShop

Creating unique
Product campaigns

to AdWords

Managing by
Artificial Intelligence

10 irresistible features of BlueWinston

Unlimited product campaigns in Google Search

You only need an XML feed with product information and a Google AdWords account. Thanks to bluewinston.com you can make an unlimited number of product-focused campaigns.

Step by step process for automatically generated ads

A unique tool for generating text ad modifications of single products with 100% success rate. In addition, you are always enabled to monitor for how many % of your products is one of the text ad variations suitable.

Unique keyword tool for generating keywords by truncating

BlueWinston features a remarkable function - Keyword Generated by Truncating - which helps you to find unique key words for your product ads. This function is used to reduce so called “low search volume” effect!

Keywords created by tag combinations

By connecting tags or adding prefixes and suffixes you can create a global structure and key words for your advertising groups or products via BlueWinston.

Variety of filters and constrictions to define your campaign

In the process of creating a product campaign you can focus on particular products or only on products containing particular words or belonging to chosen categories. Last but not least, restrictions can be put on a product campaign for particular brand or on the price of products!

Save your time with automated Google scripts

Numerous automated scripts are available on BlueWinston. These can be adjusted according to your needs and automatic processes can be set for making the best of your time spent with optimisation of product campaigns in Google AdWords.

World's unique product group campaigns

Thanks to the tool for the key word abbreviation we can find out a unique root word of single products in your e-shop and create product group campaigns. These product group ads will be directed to results of full-text search right in your e-shop!

Hunt your customers with product retargeting campaigns

Set all or selected campaigns as a retargeting campaign and aim at one or more of your audiences gained from your Google AdWords account by BlueWinston. Our service enables you to generate and display only those ads which had a certain conversion rate, number of page views or click-through rate in the past. Moreover, you can take the new ad texts for retargeting campaigns for granted!


Dynamic product retargeting in Google display

With our service you can transform an XML feed into a Business data feed for advertising via Dynamic product retargeting in Google Display Network. The accurately synchronised data feed with correct values will be imported every 4 hours. Thereafter, we provide you with both pixel tracking codes which you have to submit to your websites and a manual on how to create a dynamic retargeting campaign in Google AdWords.


Price, availability and product synchronisation every 4 hours

We synchronise both your XML feed and each product in your product campaigns every 4 hours. In order to make your ad texts up-to-date, we track changes in prices of products or changes in availability of products, because you are definitely not keen on running the advertising campaign on products, which are no longer available or in stock.


Show 20+1 reasons why use BlueWinston.com

Why is better for product campaigns
than any other competition?

Why is BlueWinston better for product campaigns
than any other competition?

similar apps
Unlimited campaigns creation for one price
Product-Group campaigns - BlueWinston innovation
Up to 80% MORE AFFORDABLE than competition
One service fee regardless number of products
AVOID LOW SEARCH VOLUME keyword’s status
Immediate cost reduction
Artificial Intelligence which is lowering maxCPA
Per partes method - gradual enabling of keywords in AdGroup
Price, availability and product synchronization every 4 hours
Implementation your own Google scripts to you account
Enhanced product retargeting in Google search
Full support of Google AdWords editor

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